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September 2021 Book of the Month


By Blair Howard

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Harry Starke: Now a Sixteen-Book Series!

All I can say is to go right out and get a copy. Read it yourself. Harry Starke Book 1 is available for 99 cents as an eBook right now! This the first of sixteen books in the Harry Starke series. Check them out. You won’t be disappointed!

In addition, Howard has written another series of twelve books featuring Lt. Kate Gazzara, who was introduced in the first Harry Starke Books.

Cheers and Happy Reading!

Adam James


Blair Howard Interview

By Vicki Mejia-Gewe — FangirlNation

“In July of 2015 I decided to try my hand at writing mystery novels, whodunits, and so we have Harry Starke, a hard-boiled American detective, the original tough guy, with finely tuned senses and good instincts.”


—  —  —

“Maybe you’re wondering how I came to write the series. It’s simple really. I’m a retired journalist and I love crime stories, always have. My own loves in the genre are the Mike Hammer novels, Spenser by Robert B. Parker, the Raymond Chandler novels and, yes, Agatha Christie. I love a good whodunit. And, if you continue to read my stories, you’ll find that almost all of them are just that, whodunits, and I’m betting -from reading the reviews – that you’ll not be able to figure them out. If you do, I want to know about it. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the first two books in the series, and that you’ll want to continue reading the rest of the stories.”

Best Wishes,

Click here to get the first three books in the Harry Starke Series.

1. Harry Starke (99 cents)

For an ex-cop turned private investigator, I’ve carved out a pretty nice life for myself. Yes, life is good, but that doesn’t stop me from seeking closure and justice for victims of the darker side of Chattanooga. Some would call me reckless. But I’m just doing it my way, and it works. These then are my stories.

Book 1: It was on a wild December night in 2015, close to midnight, when I found myself on the Walnut Street Bridge. Moments later I was staring down into the terrified eyes of a young woman—just seconds before she slipped through my fingers and fell to her death. Who was she? Why did she kill herself? The look on that girl’s face will haunt me for the rest of my days. I had to find the answers…


2. Two for the Money

A Late-Night Phone Call. A Voice from the past. An Apparent Suicide.

The phone call came on a Tuesday evening in the middle of August. Harry Starke hadn’t heard from his old school friend in almost five years, and he hadn’t thought about him in almost as long. Tom Sattler wanted to meet, and it wouldn’t wait until morning. But when Harry arrived at Sattler’s home less than an hour later, he found him lying in a pool of blood with a single gunshot wound to his head and .22 revolver lying close to his hand.

Was it suicide, or was Tom Sattler murdered? If so, by whom and why?


3. Hill House

For More Than Ten Years She Lay Beneath the Floorboards of Hill House.

Who was she? Who put her there? Why? Harry Starke vows to find the answers to those questions, but how? The trail has gone cold and Hill House is a desolate ruin with many secrets. To find the answers Harry must embark upon an investigation that will put him and those close to him in deadly danger, take him to the lost and long-forgotten streets under the city, deep into the Dark Web where he comes face to face with murder, organized crime, prostitution, and human trafficking. One by one, he peels back the layers, and with each one, he sinks a little deeper into the morass, the seamy underbelly of a world few know of, and even fewer want to be a part of. Hill House has many doors. None of them lead anywhere but into darkness and despair.


Click here to get the first three books in the Lt. Kate Gazzara Series.


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AUGUST 2021 Book of the Month


By Thomas Perry

Thomas Perry Amazon Author Page

Now a Four-Book Series

The Butcher’s Boy, Thomas Perry’s very first novel, was published in 1982. However, I wasn’t able to get my hands on it until 1994, when I was able to purchase a copy at the James Thin Bookstore in Edinburgh.

Now some twenty-seven years later, I took my copy off of the bookshelf and read it again. And I must say everything was just as compelling and exciting as when I first read it.

All I can say is to go get a copy and read it yourself. It’s even available as an eBook now! This the first of four books in the Butcher’s Boy series. Check them out. You won’t be disappointed!

Cheers and Happy Reading!

Adam James


Get all four books in the series on Amazon:


The Edgar Award–winning novel by the “master of nail-biting suspense”(Los Angeles Times)

Thomas Perry exploded onto the literary scene with The Butcher’s Boy. Back in print by popular demand, this spectacular debut, from a writer of “infernal ingenuity” (The New York Times Book Review), includes a new Introduction by bestselling author Michael Connelly.

Murder has always been easy for the Butcher’s Boy—it’s what he was raised to do. But when he kills the senior senator from Colorado and arrives in Las Vegas to pick up his fee, he learns that he has become a liability to his shadowy employers. His actions attract the attention of police specialists who watch the world of organized crime, but though everyone knows that something big is going on, only Elizabeth Waring, a bright young analyst in the Justice Department, works her way closer to the truth, and to the frightening man behind it.



He came to England to rest. He calls himself Michael Shaeffer, says he’s a retired American businessman.

He goes to the races, dates a kinky aristocrat, and sleeps with dozens of weapons. Ten years ago it was different. Then, he was the Butcher’s Boy, the highly skilled mob hit man who pulled a slaughter job on some double-crossing clients and started a mob war. Ever since, there’s been a price on his head.



“A master class in thriller writing” from the New York Times bestselling author of The Butcher’s Boy and Sleeping Dogs (Los Angeles Times).

In Thomas Perry’s Edgar Award–winning debut The Butcher’s Boy, a professional killer betrayed by the Mafia leaves countless mobsters dead and then disappears. Justice Department official Elizabeth Waring is the only one who believes he ever existed.

Many years later, the Butcher’s Boy finds his peaceful life threatened when a Mafia hit team finally catches up with him. He knows they won’t stop coming and decides to take the fight to their door. Soon Waring, now high up in the Organized Crime Division of the Justice Department, receives a surprise late-night visit from the Butcher’s Boy. Knowing she keeps track of the Mafia, he asks her whom his attackers worked for, offering information that will help her crack an unsolved murder in return.



A hit man is called back into action in this explosive thriller from the New York Times bestselling author and “master of nail-biting suspense” (Los Angeles Times).

Michael Shaeffer is a retired American businessman, living peacefully in England with his aristocratic wife. But her annual summer party brings strangers to their house, and with them, an attempt on Michael’s life. He is immediately thrust into action, luring his lethal pursuers to Australia before venturing into the lion’s den—the States—to figure out why the Mafia is after him again, and how to stop them.

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