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The purpose of this site is to have a good time and to look at interesting maps and images pertaining to our current BOTM being read on Goodreads by the Psychological Thrillers group. This site here is independent from Goodreads and is neither sponsored nor connected with Goodreads in any way.

For every BOTM the Psychological Thrillers group reads, I will post pictures, maps and links about the setting for the story. I’ve always pictured story images in my mind, but a few shots of the real thing can’t hurt. I’ve always wanted to get on Google Earth and track down some of these locations. Well, here we go. Let’s do it.

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Kiss the Girls
Along Came a Spider
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4th of July
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Jack & Jill
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Roses are Red
Rules of Prey
Winter Prey
Eyes of Prey
Silent Prey
Secret Prey
Dark of the Moon
Sudden Prey
Shadow Prey
Mind Prey
Night Prey
Hidden Prey

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