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JON A. JACKSON’S novels about Detroit police detective Fang Mulheisen have proven themselves to be “perhaps the toughest, most darkly comic, consistently superior American procedural [mysteries] on the market,” in the estimation of Booklist reviewer Bill Ott.

The Detective Sergeant Mulheisen Mysteries



The explosive debut novel featuring hard-nosed cop “Fang” Mulheisen—from an author who “stands right up there with the best chroniclers of urban crime” (The New York Times).

The city of Detroit doesn’t have many places anyone would exactly call “nice.” But the exclusive enclave of Indian Village is an oasis of calm surrounded by urban blight. At least until a beautiful young heiress is murdered during a home robbery gone horribly wrong . . . if that really is what happened.

Detroit’s Det. Sgt.“Fang” Mulheisen isn’t so sure. The coincidences of the case are just a bit too coincidental, the ruthlessness of the crime goes way beyond a punk thief looking for a quick score, and the victim’s big-banker husband may owe some very bad people more than just money. What they want is blood. And Mulheisen may be the only man who can keep them from getting it.



When a cop guns down an intruder during a break-in, it seems like another case of a bad guy meeting a bad end—until the owner of the garage being burgled is revealed to be Jerry Vanni, a young man whose trucking empire is branching out into juke boxes and vending machines.

Detroit’s Det. Sgt. “Fang” Mulheisen knows that Vanni’s businesses are normally controlled by the mob—and when a pair of gunmen walks into a bar and fills one of Vanni’s jukes with lead, Mulheisen is sure there’s more trouble on the way.

His investigation leads him into an ever-growing criminal enterprise involving gun-smuggling Cubans, a million-dollar heist, and a gorgeous woman mixed up with both. It’s the kind of trouble that can get a good cop killed . . .



Grootka, retired from the Detroit Police Department, returns as a mentor to Fang Mulheisen, and the two lives become dangerously entwined in a thirty-year-old unsolved case of rape and murder



When Big Sid Sedlacek thought he could skim money from the mob, it was a fatally stupid mistake—one that was corrected by hit man Hal Good. And when Good is brought into the station as a possible witness to the very murder he just committed, he switches IDs with a drunk and makes his exit before Detective Sergeant Mulheisen can question him. But having a contract killer on the loose is just one of Mulheisen’s problems.

He’s also contending with the return of an old flame, now married to a smug computer entrepreneur who’s a bit too friendly with some very dangerous mobsters. And when those mobsters start getting killed, Mulheisen realizes that Big Sid’s daughter is on a rampage of revenge—and that someone on her payroll is already one deadly step ahead of him . . .



After waging a personal war of vengeance against the Detroit mob for killing her father, Helen Sedlacek drove off into the sunset with a truckload of cash and her wily hit-man boyfriend, Joe Service. So when Detective Sergeant Mulheisen hears that a man fitting Joe’s description is in a hospital in Butte, Montana—shot in the face and comatose—he rushes to investigate.

While Helen is nowhere to be found, a man hired to kill Joe turns up dead in a ditch nearby. Worse still, Mulheisen learns that an even more vicious female killer is in town, looking to finish Joe off.

Now, in a strange land where the air is clean and the people are friendly, Mulheisen has to locate the missing mafia princess while trying to keep killer Joe in breathing condition for trial—not to mention keeping himself out of the cross fire between the police, the mob, and a lot of local citizens with a lot of guns . . .



Detroit’s Det. Sgt. “Fang” Mulheisen is far from home and hunting for his seemingly unkillable nemesis, a hired gun named Joe Service, who survived a gunshot to the head and escaped a hospital with the help of his beguiling nurse.

Joe is in Salt Lake City looking for his longtime lover and partner in crime, Helen Sedlacek, who is in hiding with millions in stolen mob money. The problem is, Joe’s injuries have left his memory a bit shaky—even if his skills with a gun are still rock solid—which leads to a whole lot of dead bodies in his wake.

And those bodies leave a trail for Mulheisen to track his quarry. But there are a lot of other unpleasant people looking for Joe—all with itchy trigger fingers. And Mulheisen has to get between them all before his manhunt becomes a bloodbath.



When an eager young historian asks Detroit police detective “Fang” Mulheisen for the real story of Grootka—his legendary law-enforcement mentor—the question leads him to uncover his late friend’s notebooks. And with them, Mulheisen may also have stumbled upon the answer to one of the biggest unanswered questions in American history . . .

What happened to Jimmy Hoffa?

The notebooks tell an incredible story in which the supposedly late labor leader was, in fact, about to meet his end when he was rescued by a gifted musician and spirited into hiding in the wilderness of northern Michigan. More than that, the past Grootka describes may be related to a deadly mystery in present-day Detroit.



Helen Sedlacek thought that when she stole millions from the mob, she’d be running for the rest of her life. So she’s more than a little surprised when mob boss Humphrey DiEbola offers her a job.

DiEbola claims that he’s looking to retire. With an eye for ruthless talent, he wants to groom Helen for an executive position by putting her in charge of his illegal cigar factory and seeing what she can do.

But when a poker game at DiEbola’s home turns into a shooting gallery, all bets are suddenly off in the Detroit underworld. And police detective “Fang” Mulheisen has to figure out all the angles. Is Helen gaining ground for herself and her gun-happy boyfriend Joe Service? Or is someone else trying to take the entire city for themselves—leaving the competition dead in the streets?



When anyone in the Detroit underworld hears the names Joe Service and Helen Sedlacek, they know lots of trouble—and bullet-riddled bodies—are sure to follow.

That’s why Joe and Helen are perfect recruits for the Lucani—a group of rogue operatives, covert intelligence, and cold-blooded killers who bypass all those pesky laws and government red tape to get the dirtiest jobs done.

For their first assignment, Joe and Helen are back in beautiful Butte, Montana, searching for Franko, a Lucani agent who supposedly vanished while on an overseas drug-busting mission. But what starts as a simple manhunt quickly spins out of control, with backstabbing, betrayal, and bloodshed all over.

Luckily for Joe and Helen, that’s just another day at the office . . .



When a bomb goes off at an environmental protest, Detroit police detective “Fang” Mulheisen’s own mother is among the wounded. He turns in his badge to care for her—but once she recovers, his instincts drive him to return to the case on his own.

Detective Sergeant Mulheisen soon learns that his longtime nemesis, hired gun Joe Service, is also searching for the bombers on behalf of the Lucani—a rogue group of skilled agents who do what the law cannot. Now, working alongside a killer he’s hunted for years, Mulheisen delves into a world of well-armed militias, government secrets, and hidden agendas.



FIRE LOVER: A TRUE STORY – By Joseph Wambaugh








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