JULY 2019


By Mike Peters

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It was a quieter time, a quieter city then. In 1977, Greeley’s population was less than 50,000, and the Greeley streets were usually quiet at night. But on this night, Aug. 24 and into the 25th, things changed. About 3 a.m. on the morning of Aug. 25, Mary Pierce, a clerk at the downtown Greeley 7-eleven store, was discovered missing. Her body would be found two days later in a cornfield west of town. For the next three decades numerous investigators would look into the murder of Mary Pierce, the state would destroy some evidence, and police would ask a clairvoyant to look at the case. Finally, 33 years after her death, Mary’s murderer would be convicted.

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Iowa fugitive who evaded feds for years arrested on Montana ranch

Okay, Mod Stephanie called this one out (JUL 8, 2019)!

Yes, Michael Duane Strain, 62, (that’s Strain not Strange) was hiding out in Montana. And I must say, he looks just like most of us. Not that most of us are hiding out, but most of us are a bit strange. Alaska is another story. But Strain was on the eastern side of the state. Not the western side, where I live (Repeat: NOT hiding out!)

Read all about it right here in our lovely newspaper, The Missoulian

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