APRIL 2019

The Lion’s Mouth:

A Nick Lawrence Novel
By Brian Christopher Shay

The genesis of this book series began nearly fifteen years ago shortly after completing my military service when I was living in Texas.  The story lay dormant in my head as life and family took precedence.  At the encouragement of my teenage daughter, I put pen to paper.  I set up a writing schedule around my work and family responsibilities.  The process was exhilarating, and I hope that my readers are equally thrilled with the product.


  • A young girl on the run.
  • A relentless pursuer.
  • Life hangs in the balance,
  • As Nick risks everything to save her.

 In THE LION’S MOUTH, author Brian Christopher Shea once again delivers a fast-paced, thrill ride in his second installment in the Nick Lawrence Series. Shea keeps his finger on the pulse of current events plaguing our society and tackles the controversial topic of Human Trafficking. A true “cat and mouse” thriller expertly designed for fans of James Patterson’s Alex Cross and Michael Connelly’s Harry Bosch.

 Nick Lawrence returns to Austin, Texas and soon finds himself in a life and death pursuit of a ruthless human trafficking ring.

 The gravity of the story’s context is balanced against Shea’s relentless story telling pace.

 As a former police detective and naval officer, Shea draws from his own military and investigative experience, filling the book with an authenticity that can only be delivered by someone who’s personally experienced such things.

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A girl named “Mouse” is heading for the village of Pigeon, Michigan–not to be confused with White Pigeon, Michigan, which is in southern Michigan. Pigeon is located in Michigan’s “thumb” near Saginaw Bay.


Did you know that The Camel’s Back won the 2018 Greenlight Screenplay Adaptation Award? The book is currently being converted to a screenplay as we speak.  The second in the series, The Lion’s Mouth, is also under contract for conversion to screenplay format by an up and coming screenwriter.