By Brian Christopher Shea

Three people, each at their own breaking point, collide. The resulting impact will forever change their lives…if they can manage to survive it.

Declan Enright, a former police officer recently fired over a controversial shooting, has reached a breaking point in his life. Confronted with insurmountable financial burdens in the wake of his termination, Declan makes a desperate move to stabilize his situation for the benefit of his wife and three young daughters.

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news flash from mod stephanie:

“Brian Christopher Shea…..This guy has a book out called: The Camel’s Back . .  Now listen up, all 3495 members here should have bought this book, or rented it from your local library. This book starts out just like what’s happening in today’s world. A cop shoots a person of color, he lost his job over it, and now his family is close to eating bread and butter. Banks being robbed, cars and buses being blown up, and folks who you just don’t know about.

I don’t want to tell you the whole story, but I am just not understanding why you would turn away from a book like this. Your talking Thriller to the end, Pop the last popcorn, grab some Tea, and have a seat, and get-ta-reading……”

Brian Christopher Shea’s fantastic novel The Camel’s Back gets five big ones (*****) from me. What a story! It explores the effects of desperation, heartbreak and payback on three people. As the tension builds, we sit back trying to figure it all out. Just forget about that. Strap yourself in and hang on, because everything’s outta control. You’re gonna love this ride.

Thanks, Brian, for a great time. Now I’m going after your next one, The Lion’s Mouth.

Cheers and Happy Reading!
Adam James

Check this out:

“Tell them that it will be done to satisfaction, but at a new grid coordinate. I am deviating from the original location. I think that they will be pleased with my reasons,” Khaled said, sliding a piece of paper to Mustafa with the hand-written coordinates 41.723158, -72.668059.

So I plugged the coordinates into Google Earth and here’s what I found:


Pretty slick, huh? This is where the bus catches fire and then when everyone gathers around, the big blast is triggered. Pretty devious, but that’s how they do it.

The Camel’s Back is destined for the MOVIES!
(We should all hope!)

Yes, Brian has written another one. Read the first one, then jump right on this one. Another proven winner!

Big things come in small packages.

Nick Lawrence returned to Austin, Texas and rejoined his old unit, the FBI’s Violent Crimes Against Children task force. It’s not long before he finds himself in the middle of a well-organized human trafficking ring. Teaming with local law enforcement, he sets out to dismantle the group.

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