MAY 2018 BOTM:

By Elisabeth Carpenter


A chillingly clever psychological thriller with a stomach-flipping twist

Two girls go missing, decades apart. What would you do if one was your daughter?

Eight-year-old Grace is last seen in a sweetshop. Her mother Emma is living a nightmare. But as her loved ones rally around her, cracks begin to emerge. What are the emails sent between her husband and her sister? Why does her mother take so long to join the search? And is there more to the disappearance of her daughter than meets the eye?

Meanwhile, ageing widow Maggie Sharples sees a familiar face in the newspaper. A face that jolts her from the pain of her existence into a spiralling obsession with another girl – the first girl who disappeared…

This is a gripping psychological thriller with a killer twist that will take your breath away.


** “This brilliant debut thriller actually does have a totally unexpected twist that took my breath away and had me sitting in my comfy chair for at least five minutes waiting to get over the shock of what I had just read before I could carry on reading.” — Nicki on Goodreads (*****)

** “A very well written novel of what happens when one of the worst things to happen actually happens.” — Linda Strong on Goodreads (****)

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** Goodreads Author Page

MAY 2018 MOTM:

By S.O. Esposito


A Sarasota mother with dissociative identity disorder has been arrested for a murder she has no memory of committing.

Alice Leininger seems to have the perfect life. She’s happily married, has two beautiful children, a close-knit group of friends, and a cause she cares deeply about. But beneath the surface, her world of safety and comfort is unraveling. The periods of lost time she’s kept secret—even from her husband—are happening more frequently. She certainly doesn’t remember leaving her Sarasota home at three-thirty in the morning to burn someone alive.

Now she sits in a Florida state mental institution, awaiting judgment on whether she’s fit to stand trial on charges of murder and arson. While a psychologist works to help Alice face her past, her future depends on the answer to one question: How far did she go for justice?


** “I just finished the most compelling book I’ve ever read! The Burning is so amazing, riveting, spellbinding engrossing novel that every woman should read & take to heart!!” -Bonnie O. (Reviewer)

** “The Burning is a must read novel. It is the best mystery-suspense that I have ever read. It’s that good.” -ChickLit Cafe

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** Goodreads Author Page
** Author Website
** MULTIPLE PERSONALITY DISORDER — Interview with S.O. Esposito
** Dissociation and Dissociative Disorders
** This from S.O. Esposito,
Hey guys, those of you who really got interested in D.I.D. might enjoy this article”

Could Multiple Personality Disorder Explain Life, the Universe and Everything?

Here’s something if you’re looking for a fairly long read:

** The ‘Sex Cult’ That Preached Empowerment

Why did female members of Nxivm follow a guru named Keith Raniere, who now stands accused of sex trafficking? He made them feel like they were in control.

Two very good (BIG) dogs and a good writer, too:

Abbey wearing a Thunder Jacket!

Atlas and Shannon!

And hereeee’s KALI!Kali – Trampling Shiva

U.S.PD: Reproduction of painting by Raja Ravi Varma: b. 1848. d. 1906. Indian spiritual and mythological painter of great fame.

MAY 18 It’s Mental Health Week