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Have you ever done some little thing that woulda-coulda-shoulda turned into some great big HUGE deal? Like slipping something bright and shiny into your pocket in the Dollar Store and just happening to forget about it (OPPS!) until you were already outside in the parking lot. And you’re looking back to see if the store detective is rushing out to apprehend you. Holey smokems! Better get outta heah . . . FAST!

Then you’re thinking, what woulda happened if I’d actually gotten caught! Gadzooks! You’d be in for it then. So you keep on walking—shiny thing burning a hole in your pocket the whole time. Guilt creeping up your back like an escaped salamander. “Oh, I didn’t mean to do it. Really. I – I – I just wanted to see if I could get away with it.” Like doing one of those California Stops, where you cruise right on through and grab a right without a hint of a brake light.

Or maybe you just blew right through a stop sign or red light out in the middle of nowhere because you could. And now you’re feeling all bad boy or bad girl about it. Laughing it off . . . then. But what if things hadn’t exactly worked out like you’d hoped? Or maybe someone actually died because of your smarmy negligence! Then what?

You’d probably make a run for it. Huh?

No. You wouldn’t do a runner, or if you did, you’d drive right down to the police station and turn yourself in. Tell them how sorry you were. That you really didn’t mean any harm to anyone. That it was some kind of accident . . . where your brain misfired for some unknown reason and . . . and if you ran through enough scenarios where things turned out different, then everyone could see that you really are a “good person” who just happened to fall into the Pit of Doom and Despair, like, inadvertently slipping on a banana peel, which then causes everything in the world to come crashing down upon you. And . . . and . . . and . . .

Yeah, right. Book ‘em Dano!